Providing Tools and Enhancing Skills
To Improve Your Nutritional Health

About AM Nutrition Services

History / Who We Are / What We Do

Our mission is to provide tools and enhance skills to improve your nutritional life. Our services are designed to help you understand your nutritional life and its importance to your health and well-being. We educate on the facts and definitions of nutritional concepts, assist in developing a realistic and practical application of nutrition practices, and help you become honest with yourself when it comes to your plan of action

AM Nutrition Services is not about the latest diet fad. We are not here to sell you pills, meals or supplements. We are not about quick fixes for depriving you of foods. We believe in “Food First”. We do not believe in “good” or “bad” foods. Our approach to nutrition and health relies on medical and physiological fact, rather than social or casual aspects of dieting and weight loss. We are ethically bound to the information we provide.

AM Nutrition Services works with you to help you overcome obstacles in your life. We teach you new decision-making skills, as well as assist you in stopping self-defeating behavior. You will learn about nutrition as it relates to your diagnosis, and how it fits into your daily routine. You will develop life-long skills to incorporate practical nutrition habits. We help you create the needed support to start living a better nutritional life.

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