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AM Nutrition Services - Administration Department

Administration Staff

Amy McCallister, RD   Program Director
Founded AM Nutrition Services: 2007

Northern Arizona University

Yavapai Regional Medical Center, Prescott, AZ
Yavapai County Health Department, Prescott, AZ

Enjoys about her job:
I always enjoy the AH-HA moments with patients, whether it’s a someone with diabetes realizing how many carbs they can eat, or when someone trying to lose weight has great success with some of the “tricks” that a Registered Dietitian can offer! I have loved creating opportunities for other Dietitians and office staff as AM Nutrition Services has grown since 2007. One major part of what I love is also making sure that nutrition counseling services are a covered benefit on insurance plans, this is a personal mission that I will continue into the future.

Does in her free time:
I require some outdoor time to keep my life balanced. Whether it’s walking, jogging or staring into the ocean, my outdoor time keeps me focused. I love spending time with my husband and daughter at Disneyland and the beach, one of our favorite pastimes.

Interesting Fact:
Fall is my favorite time of year—especially the food, so when butternut squash soups and pumpkin spice everything happens, I’m secretly very happy. I also have a motorcycle endorsement and once rode around on a 600cc Honda Shadow!

Kyanna Wuerthner, RD   District Manager / Lead Dietitian
Joined AM Nutrition Services: 2016

Purdue University

Iowa State University

Enjoys about her job: 
I love being an RD because I get to see patients' confusion about their diagnosis clear up during a session.  Whether it be weight loss or improved lab values, knowing that I helped them develop the skills and confidence to reach their goals and improve their health is why I chose nutrition as my career.  with the variety of patients and diagnoses we see, the days never get boring and I get to continuously learn as well. 

Does in her free time:
I am a lover of the sun:  you can frequently see me lounging by the pool with a book, probably by James Patterson  I'm from Indiana and running was a regular activity back home, however I plan to start hiking and enjoying the beautiful Arizona scenery more often.  I also spend too much time browsing the aisles at Target, but at least I get in the extra steps! 

Interesting Fact:
I am not a big fan of heights, but desperately want to go skydiving!  I've never been out of the country (unfortunately!).

Stuart Foster   Operations Director
Joined AM Nutrition Services: 2017

University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems

Enjoys about his job: 
I enjoy working with the staff to ensure that our patients are all successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Does in his free time:
I enjoy spending time with my family, running, watching football (USC Trojans and the Arizona Cardinals), and watching movies. 

Interesting Fact:
Work keeps me busy, but so does keeping up with my 4 teens!
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