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  AM Nutrition Services administers Medical Nutrition Therapy as medically necessary. Our approach to nutrition and health relies on medical and physiological fact, rather than social or casual aspects of dieting and weight loss. The fact that hundreds of doctors refer to the specialists and AM Nutrition Services speaks to their belief that Medical Nutrition Therapy works for their patients. Physicians trust and refer to us knowing their patients will receive the specialized treatment necessary for them to live a better nutritional life.

Health care providers have been referring to AM Nutrition Services since 2007. Working directly with our Patient Support Department makes it easy to refer patients in the most efficient way possible. Whether it’s a fax referral or a phone intake, our Patient Support Representatives will take complete care of patients and providers.

Referring your patients to AM Nutrition Services is a win for all!

AM Nutrition Services operates on the understanding that the link between health and nutrition lies in 3 key concepts:

  • You must learn patience with your journey of nutritional balance
  • You must have awareness that you play a critical active role in your own health
  • You must have acceptance that this is the only way to take control of your nutritional life

AM Nutrition Services designs its programs based on the need for patients to be able to easily understand nutrition concepts in plain, every-day language. As a result, our patients achieve much more success with comprehension and retention of the information they have learned. At completion of this program, patients will:

  • Learn definitions and terminology on topics concerning their diagnosis
  • Separate fact from fiction on nutrition information available
  • Review current food intake and health history
  • Implement quality health and nutrition practices
  • Achieve realistic health improvement


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